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Free Perl Mailer (FPM) has been designed from the ground up to be a reliable and easy-to-use program. With FPM, installing, using and managing a Form-Mailer couldn't be easier! The enhanced adaptability of FPM lets you easily create a style that fit your site. And to ensure that your version of FPM is always the very latest, the update service in the Control Panel will automatically notify you of updates.

Free Perl Mailer:

  • FPM is a one-file-program written in Perl
  • FPM allows you to completely change the interface language
  • The style is individual editable
  • Very easy to install and to configure (it takes about 2 to 5 minutes)
  • Works on most servers
  • Built-In Banner Killer for using on Free Space Providers
  • FPM has a password-protected Control Panel with many useful configuration possibilities
  • File size: 100 KB (.cgi), compressed: 25 KB (.zip)
Features and functions:
  • Preview before sending (on/off)
  • IP-Logging (you'll know from where visitors come)
  • Built-In Vietnamese Typing Script (Vietuni)
  • Skins downloadable like in Winamp
  • HTML is disabled for more security
  • Powerful Anti-Spam function
  • FPM 2.01 allows attachment (size and type can be controlled by you)
  • FPM will automatically create a log-file for all sent messages (on/off)
  • The update notification helps you to keep your FPM up-to-date
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