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Newest version: 2.04 - May 26, 2013

Total downloads: 37467 - Last download: 30.05.2024 - 04:24:44

Features FPG 2.04

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(Test Free Perl Guestbook 2.04 now!)
Price: Private Usage: FREE
Commercial Usage: FREE
Backlink Removal: 50,00 EUR

System requirement Windows/Unix with Perl
Installer or Self-Installation yes (installer in different languages)
Installation steps 2 (easy)
Multi-lingual yes (currently 18 languages)
Language bar on view-page yes
Default language every language can be set
Add new language very easy
Password-protected Control Panel yes (with session management)
Send new password when forget yes
Password encryption yes
System recovery function no
Error logging no
Private board function no
Private message function yes
Latest entry embedding yes can be embedded in a HTML page using SSI/IFRAME
Paging function yes
Number of entries per page editable yes
Templates yes (editable, uploadable)
Preview function yes (on/off)
Add new input fields yes (unlimited)
Messenger support Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Skype
HTML entry yes (on/off - default is off)
Built-in text editor yes (uses FPG codes - on/off)
Smileys yes (on/off)
Add new smileys yes (unlimited)
Word length limitation yes
Text length limitation yes
Word filter yes (normal/strict)
URL filter yes (normal/strict)
IP filter yes
Anti-spam (Captcha) yes (advanced, spam-robot-protection)
Anti-flooding yes (on/off)
Readonly mode yes (on/off)
E-Mail entry to owner yes (on/off)
Thanks-E-Mail to guest yes (on/off)
Entry management edit/reply/delete/hide/lock ip
Moderation yes (on/off)
Trash bin for deleted entries yes
IP logging yes (with locking function)
Change timezone yes
Update check yes (in Control Panel)
Demo FPG 2.04 Demo
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  • Converter for VizBook: please send me the records file (rcrds.db) of your old guestbook!
    VizBook allows different date and time format so it's not easy to write a converter for all.
Use the Data Converter if you want to make the entries of the current guestbook available in your new Free Perl Guestbook.

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